LQAS for iPad

Track credit and collateral from anywhere, any time.

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What Did I Leave at the Bank?

The iPad file viewer gives you secure access anywhere to all credit and collateral loan documents in seconds. Request a 10 minute demonstration today.

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Enhanced Mobility

Give secure access to all credit and collateral documents for the lender, loan assistant, or inspector.  Lost or stolen iPads can be removed from the trusted list immediately.

Eliminate Paper

PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, photos, and input from paperless loan origination systems are imported, then immediately available to PCs in the bank or iPads in the field.

Track Anything

Banks of all sizes use LQAS daily to track all credit, collateral, and deposit related documents. LQAS can track thousands of items on one note.

Save Time

AMT document imaging is the most efficient in the industry. Reports that could take hours to compile manually take mere seconds in LQAS.

Banking Solutions

With LQAS and Pinpoint, Applied Micro Technology provides document tracking, imaging, and loan review integration to financial institutions.

Credit/Collateral Tracking

LQAS tracks collateral, credit, and deposit documents in a bank’s portfolio. With custom reports, loan staff can review files without leaving their office.

Document Imaging

Eliminate the expense and inefficiency of paper document storage. LQAS scans, stores, and is able to retrieve images on all documents.

Loan Review Export

Pinpoint improves accuracy and efficiency in reviews, automates the pulling of credit and collateral files, and eliminates travel time and expense.

Deposit Tracking

AMT helps banks to track and image deposit account agreements, certificate of deposit disclosures, and other deposit documents.